Our Rambler: The Interior Tour

Our Rambler The Interior Tour | Our Streamlined Life

So here’s the thing: I’m REALLY good at starting projects. I get super excited, jump in, and go nuts. I work crazy hours, try new techniques, and let Pinterest raise my expectations of the finish product to wildly unrealistic levels. I defy you to find a person who is more excitable or a better starter than I am.

However … I am a terrible finisher. I inevitably burn myself out. The thing I loved and wanted to do forever, I end up hating and avoiding like the plague.

Long, story short, though we became full-timers in the middle of last July, we have used the last 15 months to slowly finish and fine-tune the interior to the point that now, we are finally ready to show it to you! We hope you like our finished project – we absolutely love it, and feel so lucky to call our Rambler home.


























So there it is! What did you think? What’s your favorite spot that you’ve personalized in your rig or home?

Road Trip 2016 Recap

Road Trip 2016 Recap | Our Streamlined Life

We are total number nerds, so just like last time we got a a kick out of looking back and seeing the breakdown of what we actually did. We thought you might get a kick out of it too! So here we go:

Road Trip 2016 By the Numbers:

Total travel days: 38
States visited: 5
Nights car camping: 26
Nights in cabins: 1
Nights in hotels: 2
Nights with family: 9

Our 2016 southwest adventure was a total success. A huge part of that was our new and improved road trip machine — a vast improvement over all the tent camping we did in the fall. A big “thank you!” to our family and the real life and online friends who kept up with our adventures through Facebook and Instagram and gave us so many tremendous suggestions along the way. We loved reading your comments and sharing our experiences with you!

It took us much longer than planned to get caught up on all these posts, but we had way too much fun not to share everything we did and saw with you guys — so thanks for being patient! We have lots of awesome adventures planned for fall 2016 and are making plans to share them in a more real-time way this time around. In the meantime, check back through the archives and make sure you didn’t miss a thing!

Day 1: Texas or Bust!

Days 2 & 3: Beaching in February

Days 4-6: Sunny San Antonio

Day 7: Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand

Days 8 & 9: Our Big Bend Adventure Begins

Day 10: High Times & Higher Temps in Big Bend

Day 11: Rain in the Desert: Driving Big Bend

Day 12-13: An Unplanned Hike (and Unexpected Discovery) in Big Bend

Day 14: The Grand Canyon With a Roof on It

Day 15: Snow in the Desert

Days 16-17: Adventures at Gila Cliff Dwellings

Day 18: Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Days 19-21: Tucson: An Arizona Love-Affair Begins

Day 22-23: Desert Luxury in Cave Creek

Days 24-26: The GRAND Canyon

Day 27-28: Prescott: A Love Story

Day 29: Red Wine and Red Rocks

Day 30: A Petrified Forest in the Painted Desert

Day 31-34: Wild Beauty in Northern New Mexico

Day 35-36: They Say “OKC-ing Is Believing”

Day 37-42: Homeward Bound

If you’re still itching for more road trip adventures, check out our 2015 Road Trip recap here!

Homeward Bound (Days 37-42)

Oklahoma City was our last official road trip stop — but we were still four campgrounds and thirteen days from being back “home” on the mountain.

Louisiana-bound to pick up our camper, our next stop was Shreveport / Bossier City KOA. It was not our finest camping experience; we arrived after dark, the tent camping area was poorly set up for car campers, and the mosquitoes were out in full Louisiana force. We were both eager to get home and ready to be back in our own bed.

Early the next morning we were up and on the road again, stopping at Tire Rack to pick up the tires Ryan had purchased online to replace our set after the Great Big Bend Blowout. With just a little squeezing we were able to fit them all in the back of the Tahoe and be on our merry way. It worked out great that the warehouse was on our way home — we saved almost $150 on shipping by picking them up ourselves!

New Tires | Our Streamlined Life

Four hours later we were back in Baton Rouge, reunited with our camper after 37 days on the road. We spent the weekend catching up with family (and catching up on laundry), and having those new tires mounted. Tuesday morning it was back on the road; we spent the night at the Meridian East / Toomsuba KOA, adding a new sticker to our state map (Mississippi).

Less than an hour after leaving the campground the following morning we were horrified by a dragging noise coming from somewhere behind the truck. Ryan immediately pulled to the side of the road, and investigation revealed that one of the leveling jacks had come almost entirely loose, and was in danger of being pulled right off and flying under the axle! Fortunately, he was able to remove it entirely — but not until he spent a few harrowing moments under the camper on the side of the road at semi-trucks blasted past us.

Roadside Alabama | Our Streamlined Life

Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any more mishaps, and the miles flew by as we passed through Alabama, into Georgia …

Welcome to Georgia | Our Streamlined Life

… into Tennessee …

Welcome to Tennessee | Our Streamlined Life

… finally stopping just over the border in Virginia at Hungry Mother State Park.

Hungry Mother State Park | Our Streamlined Life

We were so close, and yet so far — but we spent a lovely evening with the campground almost all to ourselves, enjoying the Virginia spring air and taking a little walk along the river that ran through the campground.

Another four hours on the road the next day brought us to our next-to-last destination: the Prince William Forest RV Campground in Dumfries, Virginia. We would spend a long weekend here to see Ryan’s brother’s commissioning into the United States Marine Corps!

12909513_559755479686_5060350930807724694_o (2)

After a weekend spent celebrating, spending Easter with his family, and no less than three viewings of Batman vs. Superman, we pointed our camper towards our final destination: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Home sweet home!

Campground: Shreveport / Bossier City KOA

  • Tent site (no hookups)
  • Cost: $29
  • Pros: Clean, quiet, and easy to get to.
  • Cons: Super-expensive for a tent “site” that was basically just a big, not-even-a-little-level area.

Campground: Meridian East / Toomsuba KOA

  • Full hookups, pull-through.
  • Cost: $40
  • Pros: Friendly staff and adequate facilities. Not too far from the highway, and pull-through sites made for easy in, easy out.
  • Cons: Something of a “parking lot campground.”

Campground: Hungry Mother State Park – Camp Burson

  • Full hookups (Electric + Water + Sewer)
  • Cost:  $33
  • Pros: Beautiful, quiet location. Clean bathrooms and facilities and friendly camp hosts.
  • Cons: The road to the campground was hilly and windy — a little nerve-wracking with the camper.

Campground: Prince William Forest RV Campground

  • Full hookups
  • Cost: $38.65 (base rate of $38, less 10% AAA discount, plus taxes)
  • Pros: Convenient location to Marine Base Quantico.
  • Cons: Another “parking lot campground” and pricey for what you get. You even have to pay extra for a fire ring, which felt like a ripoff.

They Say “OKC-ing Is Believing” … (Days 35-36)

One way our Southwest Adventure ended up being very different from our last big road trip was overnight accommodations. During our fall 2015 trip we ended up staying in hotels 14 out of 42 nights — one third of the trip! This time around, mostly due to our upgraded car camping setup, we hadn’t felt the need to reserve a single hotel room.

2016-02-10 17.07.57 (2)
Home sweet home!

But all good things must end, and after five weeks on the road, we were tired. Ryan had also been battling some pretty killer allergies throughout New Mexico and Arizona, and we were pretty sure that the car was full of the juniper that was leaving him with red, swollen eyes and sleepless nights. After a long driving day from Los Alamos to Oklahoma City, we turned to Priceline Express Deals and snagged a pretty good rate on a comfortable hotel room.

In fact, we were so comfortable we ended up just staying in the hotel room all day, sleeping, popping Claritin and watching TV. We reserved the room for another night and the following day were off to explore Oklahoma City.

Our first stop was Bricktown, a former warehouse district now full of restaurants, shopping, and other entertainment options. I loved this mural with postcard-like scenes from Oklahoma City’s history!

2016-03-17 12.13.04 (2)

It was a lovely day out so we spent some time following the river walk, which felt like a much smaller and quieter version of the San Antonio river walk I’d so loved.

OKC Riverwalk 1 Our Streamlined Life

The river walk was lined with shops and restaurants, and the trees were just beginning to bloom.

OKC Riverwalk 2 Our Streamlined Life

At the very end of the river walk was this mosaic mural, depicting a sunrise, a buffalo, a redbud tree, and the names of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. The mural is cleverly designed so it looks like water is pouring from the buckets of three Native American women into the river walk.

OKC Riverwalk 3 Our Streamlined Life

It was pretty early in the day, and the river walk was very quiet. I’d imagine in the evening and on weekends it becomes much more lively.

We had one more stop to make before leaving OKC: the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

OKC Bombing Memorial Our Streamlined Life

This memorial stands at the site of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. It is a beautiful and thoughtfully-designed memorial, and very sobering. If you’re planning a visit, I’d highly recommend reading the Wikipedia article first, to learn more about the symbolic elements represented at the memorial. Every piece of the design, from the “Gates of Time” at either end of the memorial, to the “Field of Empty Chairs,” has some deeper meaning.

We only spent a few hours exploring Oklahoma City, but I’m sure there’s lots more we could have done. We’d just reached what I call our “road trip breaking point” — that moment when we’re just ready to be off the road and back in our own bed. Does anyone have any recommendations for OKC, in case we ever go back that way?

Wild Beauty in Northern New Mexico (Days 32-34)

After leaving Arizona we were excited to cross back into New Mexico and experience the northern part of the state! And this time we’d have tour guides — Ryan and Emily, some of our best friends from college who now live outside Los Alamos. When we visited they were house-hunting and living with Emily’s parents, who were kind enough to let us camp out in their driveway. Our time in Los Alamos also gave us the opportunity to get to know their two little guys, James and Charlie, who we fell in love with and who kept us highly entertained through our whole visit!

To kick off our visit, Ryan and Emily gave us the driving tour of Los Alamos. The Rio Grande runs right past town, and looks much different here than it did down in Texas!

2016-03-13 15.25.42

The next day, the six of us spent an awesome day hiking and exploring. We started at Valles Caldera, a gorgeous spot up in the mountains. When Ryan and Emily told us they wanted to bring us to the caldera, my Ryan googled it, and we were excited to discover that a lot of the filming for one of our favorite shows, Longmire, is done there! (If you’ve been following along with us since last fall, you might remember that we got to visit the town Wyoming town where the Longmire series is set.)

2016-03-14 11.58.18

The caldera was beautiful, and incredibly large. Like the Grand Canyon, the scale is so big, it’s hard to comprehend. When Ryan spotted a cabin used in the Longmire series from the Visitors’ Center, he asked the ranger how long it would take to walk there, expecting an answer in the range of 10-15 minutes. As it turned out, the cabin was miles away, and most people take several HOURS to walk there and back. It seemed like a lot to ask of the little guys, and it was pretty cold that high up in the mountains, so we made a mental note to return in the future, and jumped back in the car.

Our next (and much warmer) stop was Bandelier National Monument. Bandelier is made up of 33,000 acres of rugged canyon and mesa country. Ancestral Pueblo people lived here from approximately 1150 CE to 1550 CE, and the monument features petroglyphs, dwellings carved into the soft rock cliffs, and standing masonry walls. We had a great time hiking with these guys, who were real troopers during a long day of exploring with no naps!

Bandelier 7 Our Streamlined Life
The little boys did ok, too 😉

We loved walking the trails around the homes carved out of the soft mountainside …

Bandelier 4 Our Streamlined Life

And Ryan even climbed up the ladder into a cave with a toddler on his back! Look at those cute faces peeking out of the rock 🙂

20160314_154858 (2)

Like at Gila Cliff Dwellings, we were able to climb high up into the cliffs to explore the caves. The views were absolutely tremendous, although the high ladders were a little nervewracking!

The ladders at Bandelier National Monument
(My brave face!)

At the top was  large recessed cave…

Bandelier 6 Our Streamlined Life

… with a tremendous view of the gorge below!

Bandelier 5 Our Streamlined Life

We had an awesome time, and would highly recommend the Valles Caldera National Preserve and Bandelier National Monument if you’re traveling in northern New Mexico. A big thank you to Ryan, Emily, James, and Charlie for hosting us — and to Emily’s sweet parents, too!