A Beautiful Day Boating in Port Townsend Bay (Day 19)

Today dawned clear and bright — a perfect day to go boating in Port Townsend Bay! After breakfast, Uncle Ted and I went out to the shop and got to work cleaning and prepping the boat. We swept and washed it, ran both the motors, checked the systems, and got it all hooked up to his truck (a Silverado 2500HD that I’m super jealous of).

Uncle Ted, hard at work prepping the boat.
Uncle Ted, hard at work prepping the boat.

We drove it down into town and got it launched. The girls pulled up, picnic lunch in hand, just as we were getting the boat into the water. We loaded them up, and off we went!

Rebecca, eager to get this show on the water!
Rebecca, eager to get this show on the water!
I could get used to this.

It was an absolutely perfect day out on the water — breezy, mid-70s, and sunny. We cruised up past Fort Worden, where we were thinking of anchoring for our picnic, but the water was kind of choppy, so we turned around and headed across the bay over to Fort Flagler State Park.

We anchored there out of the wind, and had a wonderful lunch, just chatting and enjoying the sun and the breeze. My grandparents had visited earlier in the year, and my aunt and uncle had taken them for a boat picnic in the same spot, so that was kind of cool.

2015-10-05 13.35.39
Our wonderful hosts, Captain Ted and Aunt Pam.


After we wrapped up lunch and took a bunch of pictures, we headed back to shore, and back to home base. Aunt Pam had to take the dogs to the groomer to prep them for their agility trials later in the week, so after helping Uncle Ted put the boat away, Rebecca and I spent a quiet afternoon writing and uploading and editing pictures. PicMonkey Collage

Once Aunt Pam got back, it was time for dinner and some BBC! I was introduced to Father Brown, which I’d actually started to read at one point at Rebecca’s suggestion. We watched the show, and it was great! However, after a long day at sea, we were all pretty tired, and I ended up drifting off somewhere in the second episode. Nice way to end a great day!


I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Virginia, and married a girl from New Hampshire, so I can drive the East Coast in my sleep. I love exploring, jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, fast cars, comic books, and generally refusing to act my age. More practically, I love budgeting and financial planning, renovating and updating older homes (and now campers), and learning to make our family as self-sustaining as possible.

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