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Hey guys! Welcome to Our Streamlined Life.

Who We Are

Acadia-Bound Our Streamlined Life

We’re Ryan and Rebecca! We met and married in college. Seven years later we’re having more fun than ever, and are thrilled to be living our dreams. We crave adventure and long for places we’ve never seen. We love being outside, making things beautiful, living debt-free, and traveling every chance we get. In 2015 we undertook our greatest adventure yet: downsizing to move into the 26’ camper we now call home.        

I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Virginia, and married a girl from New Hampshire, so I can drive the East Coast in my sleep. I love exploring, jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, fast cars, comic books, and generally refusing to act my age. More practically, I love budgeting and financial planning, renovating and updating older homes (and now campers), and learning to make our family as self-sustaining as possible.


I’m the oldest of 12 crazy kids and two pretty awesome parents. My love of travel developed during my early years traveling the globe as an Air Force brat. I’m a runner, a writer, and a reader, and I love cooking up good food and cozying up our camper.     



What We Do

Sell all the stuff. Go all the places. See all the things. Have all the adventures. Raft all the rivers. Run all the races. Make all the new friends. Then chronicle it all here, in hopes of inspiring and helping others to live their dreams!

Why We Do It

Because we CAN, even though it took us close to a decade to figure that out. We went the same route as most kids who went to college in the early 2000s — leveraged our futures for a degree, graduated into a faltering economy, and realized we were now slaves to those loans. However, after some very caring advice from several important people in our lives, we decided we didn’t want to spend the next 30 years in debt.  We began living on one income, using every dollar we could muster to pay our loans off early.

After five years of living lean, we were finally free to begin living for the future, instead of paying for the past. But blessings come in disguise, and many of the things we had learned about and experimented with while living thin — minimalism, tiny houses, careful budgeting, thriftshopping (thanks, Macklemore!) — had become things we cared deeply about — ultimately leading to Rebecca’s craziest idea ever …

LET’S LIVE IN A CAMPER! Now, she is usually the more reserved one, while I’m usually the one with the crazy half-baked ideas. However, we had found ourselves in a place where we were living a dream — a beautiful apartment, great friends and church, living in a beautiful downtown area we loved — but somehow, it wasn’t our dream. We both felt stifled and trapped, and increasingly frustrated we were working 50 weeks out of the year to spend just two weeks a year doing the one thing we love the most: travelling. Our list of places to visit was endless, but after 7 years of marriage, we’d barely made a dent.

Suddenly, this crazy idea didn’t seem so crazy anymore. Rebecca was a self-employed writer who could work anywhere with an Internet connection. I had just finished a job and was looking to try something completely different. We had spent several weeks staying in my grandparents’ 34-foot camper and never felt crowded, so we knew we could handle that part of it. After two weeks of discussion, research, and playing devil’s advocate, we decided to go for it! We bought a 26-foot 1991 AlumaLite Rambler, and spent the early part of summer 2015 renovating it. We moved in on July 17, 2015, and haven’t regretted it for a minute!

We started Our Streamlined Life to share our adventures and how we make them happen, in hopes of inspiring and helping you to live your own crazy adventures! Here you’ll find stories and reviews of places we’ve been, budgeting tips and tricks, reno and camping how-to’s, our learning experiences with camper living, and probably some of Rebecca’s delicious recipes! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!


  1. Just happened on your website via Pinterest and I’m hooked!
    I’m starting to go down a similar path, fed up with being burdened by student loans and starting to look for a camper. Any tips on what to look for, hindsight questions you wished you’d asked?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Shelby K

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