A Christmas Gallery: Five Thoughtful Reads

Ryan and I love Christmas. For the most part we find ourselves pretty stress-free during the holidays. That’s partly because we’re pretty good about streamlining the holidays and only doing the things we really want to do … and partly because we genuinely enjoy many Christmas “obligations” like parties and shopping.

The posts I’m sharing below are fresh, thoughtful, and practical takes on Christmas. I hope they encourage and bring you a little joy this holiday season, just as they have to me!

How to Practice Minimalism During the Holidays - Our Streamlined Life

How To Practice Minimalism During the Holidays. Melanie’s tips on keeping your holidays sane are practical and attainable. #3 is my favorite. [from A Small Life]

5 Reasons I'm Not Simplifying Christmas This Year - Our Streamlined Life

5 Reasons I’m Not Simplifying Christmas This Year. Ironically the concept of “simplifying Christmas” can feel like a lot of work. (So much pressure to not do what everyone else is doing!) I always find Laura Vanderkam to be a voice of reason in a crazy world, and this Christmas post is no different. [from Laura Vanderkam]

How We Do Christmas Gifts in Our Family - Our Streamlined Life

How We Do Christmas Gifts in Our Family. Emily’s posts are always practical and thoughtful and I loved this read on the four gifts they give each of their kids at Christmas. Not only does she include lovely printables, but she shares how they’re helping her kids become more grateful. Love! [from Jones Design Company]

How to Decorate for Christmas Without Punching Someone in the Face - Our Streamlined Life

How to Decorate for the Holidays Without Punching Someone in the Face. Both funny and thoughtful, this post will help you put the joy back in holiday decorating. (Without punching your husband, OR the Martha May Whovier who lives next door.) #4 is my favorite, but the bottom line — “Simply decorate until it’s not fun anymore.” — is perfect. [from The Lazy Genius Collective]

Christmas At Home (Wait ... Whose Home?) - Our Streamlined Life

Christmas at Home (Wait … Whose Home?) With one family in New Hampshire and another in Louisiana, we do a lot of traveling at Christmas. So I really appreciated Rachel’s post on making sure your Christmas reflects your family values (not just your extended family’s traditions). [from Small Notebook]

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