One Night in Nashville

I was very curious to explore Nashville on our way from Chattanooga to Kentucky … but my wife was not so convinced. She had actually been to Nashville in college for a journalism conference, and felt ambivalent about returning. But I’d never been, and we were driving right past it — so we decided to spend just one night there, and poke around the city a bit to see what was up.

Some quick research brought us to our first Army Corps of Engineers campground, Seven Points Campground. With only a few hours to travel from Chattanooga, we arrived so early, our site wasn’t even ready. (That was also due to the very late checkout times — 2pm! — which we actually loved. There’s nothing worse than having to rush out of an epic campsite by 9am! ) So, we parked the camper in the public beach-front lot, and spent some time exploring the campground.

Honestly, there aren’t enough good things we could say about this campground. If the bathrooms had been just a little nicer, it would probably be on par with our favorite campground of all time (Mount Desert Campground in Maine)! The grounds were really well kept, the sites were wooded and spacious, there was a swimming beach, a great playground, and the lake was beautiful.

We loved it! And apparently lots of other people did, too … we snagged one of just a couple of remaining campsites. (If we ever head back that way, we’ll be sure to plan in advance so we can snag one of the gorgeous waterfront sites; the odd numbered sites 13-23 were some of the prettiest, largest, and most private campsites we’ve ever seen.)

The people in the site we were waiting for finally left (at 2pm on the dot!) and we parked and set up the camper. We also realized we desperately needed clean laundry — so we found a local laundromat, and took care of business. After that bit of housekeeping we were ready to roll, and drove in to downtown.

Guys, Nashville is pretty.

Not only that, it was tremendously clean. We parked downtown, and walked towards the water, enjoying the bridges and waterfront views. We arrived just in time for sunset, and that only magnified the views.

We made our way back downtown, and spent some time just walking up and down the streets. We saw street performers, recording studios … even the Johnny Cash museum! Sadly, it was just closing up as we walked by, so we didn’t get a chance to explore it.

We walked down Broadway, which is the street absolutely littered with bars. Many of them had open fronts, and there was music spilling out of them all. It was a really fun scene — and I say that as someone who isn’t a country music fan!

However, I AM a Connie Britton fan. For the uninitiated, she is a lovely actress who we first discovered as Jack Bauer’s girlfriend in one of the later seasons of 24. Since then, she’s been in Friday Night Lights, which Rebecca adores and is currently rewatching. Most recently she is starring in Nashville, a popular show centered around country music. And much to our surprise, we stumbled upon a filming location where Connie Britton was actually filming while we were there!

So, we ended up spending about an hour across the street from where she was doing an outdoor shot in front of an actual country music record label, and we got to see her film a scene! Totally unexpected and fun. (Between the bright lights of the film crew and the darkness on the street, the pictures didn’t come out at all. So you’ll just have to take our word for it that we saw Connie Britton’s hair in person.)

After that, we called it a night, and headed back to camp. We hit the road the next morning, but Nashville is definitely a city where I could spend some more time exploring!

Have you been to Nashville? What are your favorite things to do? Please let us know in the comments — we’ll be passing that way again in January!



I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Virginia, and married a girl from New Hampshire, so I can drive the East Coast in my sleep. I love exploring, jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, fast cars, comic books, and generally refusing to act my age. More practically, I love budgeting and financial planning, renovating and updating older homes (and now campers), and learning to make our family as self-sustaining as possible.


    1. I know, I know … *shame face* EVERYONE loves Nashville, right? I guess it just didn’t “grab” me somehow, although I’m definitely willing to give it a shot. I loved your recent post about Nashville and I totally wish I’d had it to refer to when we were there!

      I’ve been going crazy trying to remember the name of the conference, and I totally can’t recall! It was spring of my sophomore year (probably March or April 2005). So much of my first couple years of college is a blur 😛

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