Our Camper

Welcome to our Turtle Home (as we affectionately call our 1991 Holiday Rambler Aluma-Lite). Before we get into the good stuff (interior pictures!), a few facts about our home on wheels:

  • We purchased it in May 2015, from a very nice gentleman named Joe who we found on Craigslist.
  • When we first started looking at campers, we were pretty sure we wanted something in the 30- to 31-foot range. At 26 feet, the Rambler was the smallest camper we looked at — but it also had our favorite floor plan, and the most windows of any camper we saw. In fact, I felt it was “the one” the moment I stepped inside … pink carpet, floral wallpaper, and all!
  • We moved into the camper full-time on July 15, 2015.
  • The initial renovation process took about six weeks of concerted effort. (We rented a space at a storage facility for a couple months and surreptitiously did all our renovation there, as we didn’t have a spot to park it outside our apartment building.)
  • However, it took us nearly 15 months to finish the entire project … and even now, there’s no flooring down in the bathroom. C’est la vie.
  • You can find before pictures and renovation details here and here.

We hope you like the finished project – we absolutely love it, and feel so lucky to call our Rambler home!

1991 Holiday Rambler Alumalite Our Streamlined Life

From the outside you can see just a few of the windows that made us fall in love with our Rambler! As you can see, the door is at the front of the camper. When you head inside, you step into the living room. The drop-down table is directly in front of you; the couch is to your right, running the width of the camper.


The “armchair” in the corner is Ryan’s spot. It’s a shockingly comfortable IKEA chair — the SKRUVSTA swivel chair — and juuuuust fits in the corner by our drop down table. (That table, by the way, is the true workhorse of our camper; one of us is always at it, whether it’s a staging place for projects, working away at the blog, eating a meal, or even watching a movie on the laptop.)


The previous owners had removed the existing couch and replaced it with a white metal daybed. We in turn removed the daybed (which took up virtually the entire living area) and Ryan built a new couch in its place. It doubles as a bed for guests, and features storage in both arms and underneath.


Ryan also built the shelving which runs around the top of the entire living space. We use it to store books and DVDs, and a few knick-knacks to make our space homier! Many of you have asked — no, we don’t travel with all that stuff up there. When we’re on the road, the books and other items stack neatly on the couch.

Holiday Rambler Doors & Windows Living Room Our Streamlined Life

Just across from the living room, in the “hallway” running down the center of our camper, is the kitchen. It’s small, of course, but has a surprising amount of storage. Add in a microwave, four-burner gas stove and oven, and a double sink, and it has plenty of room for all my cooking needs. (When I’m in a true cooking frenzy, I can just move two steps to the left and use that drop down table in the living room as an extension of my countertop space.)


Here’s a detail we love: the functional “entryway” to our camper. The hooks keep keys and sunglasses at the ready, and we found the “I Love Being Right Here” magnet at Parker’s Maple Barn, our favorite New Hampshire restaurant. I found that picture at a thrift store many years ago and gave it to Ryan when he was at a job stuck in a windowless office under fluorescent lights all day. Now we get to see beautiful sights like this all the time … but it’s still one of our favorite pieces of artwork, and it fit here just perfectly!

Holiday Rambler Entryway Detail Our Streamlined Life

We’ve also decorated our camper with magnets from some of our favorite national parks. We just love the colorful retro prints they’ve been coming out with! Since our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, we have limited space, but so far the magnetic hood over the oven range has been serving us well.


From the kitchen you can see back to the bedroom — and the mirrored door to the right goes into the bathroom.


And here’s one more very important piece of the kitchen puzzle: our Dometic RM2620 refrigerator. After four months of camper life, the original unit died and we had to put in a replacement. We purchased it online here for $1,200 (including shipping), and Ryan installed it with his grandfather’s help. (The local RV place quoted us $1,800 for the unit plus $300+ for the labor. Needless to say, we were pleased with our decision.) Ryan had the panels cut at Home Depot and spray painted them with chalkboard paint. (And that’s his artistic skill you see on the door, as well!) The prints are postcards we purchased at Saguaro National Park and put in inexpensive frames.


Here’s the view from the other end of the hallway …


… but the real all-star of the back-end of our camper is our king-sized bed. The mattress takes up the entire “bedroom,” but let’s be honest — what more does your bedroom really need? It’s surrounded by windows on three sides, with storage above the windows.

Holiday Rambler Bathroom Our Streamlined Life

Last of all we have the least-used space in the camper — our bathroom. Since we rarely hook up to water when we’re camping, we’ve used the shower only a handful of times, and the toilet is on strictly emergency-use-only status.


It still looks pretty, though! (Behind that shower curtain lurks our dirty laundry hamper — and it’s also where we hang our towels to dry.)

Holiday Rambler Bathroom Shower Our Streamlined Life

And there you have it, folks! Thanks for taking the time to “tour” our home on wheels! We absolutely love it — as we like to say, “It has everything we need and nothing that we don’t.” And we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the renovation, products we used, paint colors we chose — you name it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂