Prescott: A Love Story (Days 27-28)

Friendly, walkable downtown? Check.

Great food scene (with plenty of gluten-free options)? Check.

Beautiful scenery and easy access to outdoor activities? Check.

You guys, Prescott, Arizona has it all.

When Ryan and I added Prescott to our itinerary, it wasn’t so much as a destination, but an opportunity to visit my aunt who lives there. And we figured it would also be a convenient stopping point to explore nearby Flagstaff and Sedona.

But we ended up falling in love with this charming little town. Arizona was the breakout surprise of our southwest adventure — we loved it there — and Prescott was a strong contender for “top Arizona experience.” This town has a little of everything, from delicious food to delightful shops to a stunning natural backdrop. (And hey, my aunt lives there — and she’s a pretty awesome lady!)

We kicked off our tour of Prescott with an afternoon stroll through downtown. In the center of town is Courthouse Square, a pleasant green surrounding the Yavapai County Courthouse.

2016-03-08 17.04.16

Coffee from Gurley Street Coffee in hand, we explored Prescott’s residential side streets. We loved coming across this 115-year-old house that is now the Prescott Travelers Hostel. It’s too cute!

Prescott Hostel Our Streamlined Life

We took in the view of the mountains behind town looking down Montezuma Street before heading to Rosa’s Pizzeria to meet my aunt for dinner. Rosa’s had both delicious gluten-free pizza and Italian food authentic enough to satisfy Ryan’s discerning tastes.

2016-03-09 17.31.28 (2)

Another downtown Prescott star was our mead tasting at Superstition Meadery. We’d first tried mead at Savannah Bee Company and were excited to broaden our palate. Ryan and I shared a flight of 12 samples ranging from light ciders to thick, sweet dessert meads.

Superstition Meadery 2 Our Streamlined Life

Another edible highlight of our trip to Prescott was Bill’s Grill. When my aunt suggested we got there for dinner, she warned us that the location was unassuming, but promised the food was really, really good. Sure enough, Ryan described his dinner as “possibly the best burger he’s ever had” — and I had an awesome black bean burger, complete with a gluten-free bun. For us, that’s the best of both worlds, and something we’ve only discovered at one other burger joint (our beloved MELT).

If you’re a book-lover visiting Prescott, you should definitely check out the Peregrine Book Company. We love visiting new bookstores and Peregrine was one of my favorites from the trip. And next time we visit we’d love to check out The Palace on Whiskey Row (it’s been around since 1877!) as well as the Sharlott Hall Museum.

The delicious food isn’t the only reason we loved Prescott. In addition to have a charming, walkable downtown, Prescott is also conveniently located near some gorgeous hiking. There are lots of choices when it comes to hiking in Prescott (including the 54-mile Prescott Circle Trail), but we settled on the Granite Dells … because, as you know, we find water irresistible.

Granite Dells 2 Our Streamlined Life

The Dells consist of exposed bedrock and large granite boulders that appear incredibly smooth …

Granite Dells 3 Our Streamlined Life

… but which actually have a very rough texture that makes them easy to climb. We enjoyed walking part of the Peavine National Recreation Trail through the dells, and spent some time just relaxing on the rocks and taking in the lake views. I should also mention that if you visit Prescott in the summer (April – October) Watson Lake Park also offers very affordable dry camping, with restrooms and showers available.

Those are our highlights from Prescott, Arizona! We can’t wait to go back — maybe in the fall next time! Have you visited Prescott? Any recommendations of things we should see?


I’m the oldest of 12 crazy kids and two pretty awesome parents. My love of travel developed during my early years traveling the globe as an Air Force brat. I’m a runner, a writer, and a reader, and I love cooking up good food and cozying up our camper.

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