Road Trip 2016 Recap

Road Trip 2016 Recap | Our Streamlined Life

We are total number nerds, so just like last time we got a a kick out of looking back and seeing the breakdown of what we actually did. We thought you might get a kick out of it too! So here we go:

Road Trip 2016 By the Numbers:

Total travel days: 38
States visited: 5
Nights car camping: 26
Nights in cabins: 1
Nights in hotels: 2
Nights with family: 9

Our 2016 southwest adventure was a total success. A huge part of that was our new and improved road trip machine — a vast improvement over all the tent camping we did in the fall. A big “thank you!” to our family and the real life and online friends who kept up with our adventures through Facebook and Instagram and gave us so many tremendous suggestions along the way. We loved reading your comments and sharing our experiences with you!

It took us much longer than planned to get caught up on all these posts, but we had way too much fun not to share everything we did and saw with you guys — so thanks for being patient! We have lots of awesome adventures planned for fall 2016 and are making plans to share them in a more real-time way this time around. In the meantime, check back through the archives and make sure you didn’t miss a thing!

Day 1: Texas or Bust!

Days 2 & 3: Beaching in February

Days 4-6: Sunny San Antonio

Day 7: Her Name is Rio and She Dances on the Sand

Days 8 & 9: Our Big Bend Adventure Begins

Day 10: High Times & Higher Temps in Big Bend

Day 11: Rain in the Desert: Driving Big Bend

Day 12-13: An Unplanned Hike (and Unexpected Discovery) in Big Bend

Day 14: The Grand Canyon With a Roof on It

Day 15: Snow in the Desert

Days 16-17: Adventures at Gila Cliff Dwellings

Day 18: Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Days 19-21: Tucson: An Arizona Love-Affair Begins

Day 22-23: Desert Luxury in Cave Creek

Days 24-26: The GRAND Canyon

Day 27-28: Prescott: A Love Story

Day 29: Red Wine and Red Rocks

Day 30: A Petrified Forest in the Painted Desert

Day 31-34: Wild Beauty in Northern New Mexico

Day 35-36: They Say “OKC-ing Is Believing”

Day 37-42: Homeward Bound

If you’re still itching for more road trip adventures, check out our 2015 Road Trip recap here!


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