Small Space Storage: Our Camper Bathroom

As promised, here’s the next installment in a series of posts on small space storage: a peek behind the scenes into our camper’s cupboards and crevices at the good, the bad, and the ugly. (Last week I showed you our kitchen storage.)

Ahhhh, the bathroom: that most necessary and unromantic of rooms. Our bathroom is the last room in the camper that still needs some loving, so you won’t see any glamour shots here (yet!). But it has a lot of storage and plenty of room for everything we need.

In our bathroom, here’s what we’re working with: Two upper cabinets over the toilet and counter …

Bathroom Upper Storage - Our Streamlined Life

… and two lower cabinets below the counter.

Bathroom Lower Storage - Our Streamlined Life

Small Space Storage: Toiletries & Medicine

Bathroom Upper Interior 1 - Our Streamlined Life

The flat cupboard over the toilet gets the most daily use. It’s where we keep things like makeup, vitamins, and contact solution. (Our medicine shelf is not usually so full — it’s received a recent influx in potions and poultices since Louisiana decided to go on a temperature roller-coaster that left both of us with nasty upper respiratory infections.)

Small Space Storage: Linens & Back-Up Toiletries

Bathroom Upper Interior 2 - Our Streamlined Life

That corner cabinet is awesome and deep and stores all of our wash cloths and hand towels and back-up supplies. It’s pretty empty right now, but I’ll be restocking it before we hit the road in a couple of weeks — when we’re traveling, I like to stock up on things to minimize random desperate Wal-Mart runs.

Small Space Storage: Cleaning Supplies

Under the bathroom sink I store all our cleaning supplies. But you can’t really see them because they’re lined up in a nice neat row along the back of the cabinet. In the front are our toiletries kits. We’ve been mostly showering inside at my in-laws’ house where we’re parked, so all our shower stuff is packed up to move easily in and out.

Small Space Storage: Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom Lower Interior 2 - Our Streamlined Life

And last of all is this funny little pop-out drawer next to the toilet. I use it for storing trash bags, toilet paper, and the Clorox wipes that I’m trying to break the habit of using but which come in so handy for keeping camper surfaces clean.

That’s a short and sweet look inside our bathroom! What do you think? Any storage or organization solutions you can suggest?

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