Texas or Bust! (Day 1)

Our time in Louisiana was important. But I’m not going to lie, when we finally hit the road for Southwest Adventure 2016, we were oh-so-ready.

2016-02-10 09.04.45 (2)

In characteristic fashion, we hit the highway later than planned. Between stops to say goodbye to the grandparents and a necessary Walmart run, it felt like it took FOR-ever to get on the road.

So once we did, we were so happy to be on the road that we didn’t even care that traffic on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge slowed our progress to a crawl almost immediately.

Fortunately, we didn’t have far to drive to reach our destination. Our first stop would be Sea Rim State Park in Port Arthur, Texas, only three and a half hours from Baton Rouge. We’d decided to kick off our road trip with an Our Streamlined Life first: beach camping!

2016-02-11 06.46.17

After paying $16 ($3/person, plus a $10 fee for the “site”) we discovered we had the whole beach to ourselves. We quickly faced the back of the Tahoe at the ocean, set up camp, and settled in to enjoy the sounds of the surf.

2016-02-10 17.17.52

As the sun began to set, the air grew chilly, and our leisurely sprawl in the back of the Tahoe pretty quickly turned to this:

2016-02-10 17.18.06

Ryan even built a fire in the sand, but by the time he was finished it was just too chilly for me — I refused to emerge from my cozy cocoon. It was super windy, and we were supremely happy to be safely tucked in the back of the Tahoe — not fighting a tent in the wind and the sand! We fell asleep early (around 8pm!) to the dim light of the oil fields burning up the coast.

2016-02-10 17.59.02

We woke up to a pink sunrise and SWARMS of mosquitoes. The wind, which apparently had been keeping the bugs at bay, had died down in the night and we were being eaten alive. Our car camping rig was perfect for beach camping, but we had a hard time enjoying it because there were so many bugs. We later heard on Instagram that Sea Rim is notorious for its bug problem. Live and learn.

2016-02-11 07.38.11

After a quick walk up the beach, and a breakfast of coffee and oatmeal, we decided to hit the road. Our first go at beach camping wasn’t a total success, but we could definitely see how it could be more enjoyable if the weather was warmer and the beach not so buggy!

Campground: Sea Rim State Park (Texas)

  • Primitive beach camping.
  • Cost: $10 for camping, $3/person entrance fee (as of February 10, 2016).
  • Pros: we had the whole beach to ourselves! We were just a few feet from the water and enjoyed the sound of the surf all night long.
  • Cons: mosquitoes for dayyyyyys. Also, there’s no bathhouse — just pit toilets and outdoor cold water showers.
  • Sea Rim State Park also has sites with water & electric hookups for $20/night.

I’m the oldest of 12 crazy kids and two pretty awesome parents. My love of travel developed during my early years traveling the globe as an Air Force brat. I’m a runner, a writer, and a reader, and I love cooking up good food and cozying up our camper.

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