Travel Update: St. Augustine & Panama City Beach, Florida

St. Augustine and Panama City Beach Florida - Our Streamlined Life

Hi friends! We’re checking in with another update on some of our recent travels. After leaving Savannah we were headed still further south, towards St. Augustine, Florida. I was excited as I had pretty clear memories of being there as a little girl 21 years ago!

Visiting St. Augustine in 1994 - Our Streamlined Life

Our campground, Anastasia State Park, was on a peninsula off the coast of St. Augustine. We drove through the old city and past the fort to get there — gorgeous views, although the roads were a little tight for the camper!

The campground looked like a tropical jungle, and the ocean was just a short walk from our campsite. Sadly I didn’t get to enjoy the beach because I had work to catch up on before meeting friends for dinner, but we did enjoy making a cute reptilian friend:

St. Augustine snapping turtle - Our Streamlined LIfe

It was a gorgeous Florida night as we we headed into St. Augustine to meet our friends. The night was breezy and balmy — perfect for walking around! We did a quick loop through the old city, and settled on Sangrias Tapas Bar & Restaurant. We ordered delicious burritos, tapas, and, of course, sangria! We had the whole restaurant to ourselves so we enjoyed relaxing and catching up with our friends before heading to Cafe del Hidalgo just around the corner for gelato and coffee.

Our evening in St. Augustine left both of us wishing we had more time to explore, but the next morning we were up bright and early to hit the road again. The weather was turning unpleasant, as you can see in the pictures I snapped of the Castillo de San Marcos on our way out.

Castillo de San Marcos - Our Streamlined LIfe

We had about six hours of driving ahead of us and were hoping to arrive in Panama City Beach before the threatened severe thunderstorms caught up with us. After our last experience driving in the rain, we weren’t anxious for a repeat! Fortunately the day passed quickly and we arrived at our campground just as the rain was beginning. Our site at St. Andrews State Park was just a little short (our trailer-butt is definitely up in that tree!) but we could see the lagoon through the trees. St. Andrews State Park Panama City Beach Florida - Our Streamlined LIfeEven though we would be spending four nights in Panama City Beach, the next morning we still had to pack up the camper, much to my chagrin. We had an appointment with an RV repair shop to address the plumbing issues we’d encountered at the beginning of the trip. One of the fun things about RV places is checking out other people’s rigs/camper palaces.

It's a palace, really - Our Streamlined Life

We actually ended up having to leave the camper overnight for the repairs to the underside, which meant we got to do a little car camping. (We did so quite comfortably: the weather was perfect, the bugs were minimal, and the showers at St. Andrews were super nice and very clean.) The plumbing issues turned out to be relatively minimal, but we were treated to a lovely view of the disgusting insulation that had been flooded during the leak.

So that's pretty gross - Our Streamlined Life

But enough about our camper drama! Panama City Beach was actually the penultimate destination of our southbound road trip: we were meeting Ryan’s family there for his brother’s senior-year football tournament. So our weekend involved a lot of this …

Go Patriots - Our Streamlined LIfe

… plenty of this …

Sunset on the Gulf - Our Streamlined LIfe

… only a little more of this than we would have liked …

Working at Panera - Our Streamlined LIfe

… and even an adorable sandman!

The sandman - Our Streamlined Life

Sunday morning we packed up the camper one more time … finally, Louisiana bound!

Three states in a day - Our Streamlined LIfe

Three states and six hours later we arrived at Ryan’s parents’ home where we’ll be spending about eight weeks. The camper is parked in their driveway so we have the best of both worlds: our own bed and our own stuff but we still get to spend the holidays with family.

The turtle house might be stationary for now, but we still have some exploring planned: New Orleans and Baton Rouge, here we come! And stay tuned for some fun posts on our camper renovations, life on the road, and more!

I'm the oldest of 12 crazy kids and two pretty awesome parents. My love of travel developed during my early years traveling the globe as an Air Force brat. I'm a runner, a writer, and a reader, and I love cooking up good food and cozying up our camper.


  1. Hi Rebecca and Ryan,

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog – in a weird coincidence, we parked up at St Andrews SP for 4 days only to find on the first day we had to re-hitch to go get some repairs done! It’s all part of the adventure hey? 🙂

    Happy New Year to you both and I wish you lots of adventures for 2016


    1. That is a pretty funny coincidence! Did you like the campground? We found that between the hitching, rehitching, and the football tournament we were there for, we didn’t really get to enjoy the park much — but it seemed like it could have been a pretty nice spot. We certainly thought the bathrooms were nice.

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